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The Role of Your Web Hosting Company


Clients sometimes pay a hosting company without asking questions they may have in their minds. Either they feel shy about asking or they simply trust the provider completely. In any case, it's always an advantage to ask because this keeps you informed; the more informed you are, the more control you have over web hosting and what it can do for your business.


So what exactly do you need to know?


Getting a Domain


At least for starters, you should know the term, "domain registration." Sometimes, a domain is called a domain name, your online address or URL. All of these refer to one thing: your place on the Internet. Your home or office has its physical address, while your website has its virtual address. And just as you have to buy or rent that address where you live or work in, you have to do the same for your virtual address. The process is known as domain registration. 


Creating Your Website


Many files make up your website. At the end of each webpage address, you may see a .HTML, .ASP, .PHP, etc. Sometimes, you don't see any of these, depending on the web development process used by your designer. No matter what file types are used to build your website, you have to make sure that it will be accessible. All files, from the ones you want visitors to see to those that keep your site operational, will be stored in a computer known as a server. Depending on how many files you have, you will need either just one or more servers.


Web Hosting


Even if you have all the necessary files on your server to keep your site going, they will not be operational without a web hosting company. In fact, web hosts own these servers where you put your files to make them accessible to your visitors. So basically, the main role of the hosting company is to ensure that your servers and your site are all working properly. Also part of their job is updating security protocols to prevent your site from being hacked, and making sure that the software running the servers are updated. Hence, you need a good web hosting company.


The good news is, there are many good web hosting companies these days and all you have to do is look. The best way to find one is through a referral, but of course, you can always do your prospect search online. It's wise to consider two or three companies for comparison before  you make your final choice.